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Q. Do you use any outsourcing?

Unlike some other companies offering granite or quartz, we do not outsource any part of our process to outside contractors. All our employees are skilled in their individual job, from templating, to fabrication, to installers. Our installers offer 60 years of combined experience, and every part of the fabrication is done in house using digital cutting and CNC technologies. All our employees are covered with liability insurance and insured with WSIB.

Q. What’s Your Process?

After you have chosen your countertop material, we will enter your job into our online job tracking management system; we will then arrange a template time that is convenient for you. One of our skilled templators will come to your house and using lazer template technology, create a digital template of your walls and cabinets. Your template is then imported into AutoCad. Overhangs, sinks and seams are adjusted and a digital cutting file is created. From there the file goes to our CNC programmers and a 1/8” hardboard template is created for laying out on your slabs. Once the slabs are cut they are loaded onto our CNC. Using the latest technology and diamond tooling your countertops are shaped and polished, to within 1/1000 of an inch. Using material handling equipment, our trained installers will install your countertops in your home.

Q. What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time from time of template is 2 weeks or less providing we have all the information required before hand, not knowing which sink we’re using or which edge profile delays our process because we cannot complete our CAD drawings or CNC programming. Our turnaround time starts when all the information is complete.

Q.Is it Possible for a quicker turn around?

We understand that time line commitments are the biggest obstacle facing dealers and contractors today. We work with all our customers to ensure that time lines are met. If you have a job that has been delayed or if you need to meet a closing date, we offer an expedited service at a 10% premium reducing our turnaround to 5 calendar days or less. However we must have all the critical information prior to the template.

Q.Do my cabinets require add’l support to support the weight of stone countertops?

Most modern day constructed cabinets are more than adequate to support the weight of a stone countertop. Once the tops are installed they exert less pounds per square inch than a typical fridge. Vulnerable areas in the sink cabinet may require additional support, speak with our knowledgeable templators or staff if you’re unsure.

Q. Do I need to purchase a sink from SCF?

No, you can purchase your own sink but we caution against lesser known brands. We cut everything electronically and require a DXF file for the CNC programming; this ensures the most accurate fit. Some sinks in the market do not come with these files and are not recommended for use.

Q. Do I need to remove my existing countertops at time of template?

No, we use a state of the art digital templating system which allows us to measure without the removal of existing countertops.

Q. What is the Maximum overhang I can have on my island?

Due to the manufacturer’s warranties and for safety reasons, a maximum of 12 inches of overhang is allowed in most cases. However this can vary slightly with some granites and marbles as they can be a bit more fragile. If a greater overhang is desired support must be added in the form of corbels (“L” brackets) or table legs, these must be structural and not just decorative.

Q. How do the sinks get mounted?

All of our sinks are mounted with a dual system. We use 100% silicone to seal and bond the sink to the top as well as a mechanical fastener. Our kitchen sinks utilize a metal strap secured from the inside of the cabinet underneath the sink bottom. Vanities use a specialized bonded anchoring system designed for porcelain style sinks.

Q.Do my countertops have to be cleared to template?

In order for your cabinets to be templated properly, the existing counter tops must be cleared of all items. (ie; Microwave, Decorations, etc.) To ensure the laser templator can plot the walls & cabinets for a proper fit, however the tops do not have to be removed until ready to install.

Q.Do my appliances need to be removed the installation?

The stove (Electric/Gas) must be moved out of way during install to prevent any damage, this also helps the installers properly fit your tops.

Q.Do my cabinets need to be emptied for the install?

Only the sink cabinet must be cleaned out, it would be helpful if the top drawers were removed as well.